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Thank fuck for that.

Royal family observers were left aghast this morning at 3am GMT when representatives of the IMF, The World Bank and The European Central Bank stepped in to relieve the world’s people of a dated feudal ritual designed to keep the proletariat down and give the kids a general life long inferiority complex.

Press Conference

According to an I.M.F.E.U representative, during a high pressured press conference in the duchy of Lichtenstein, ‘In this time of hardship, with the U of K teetering on the brink of liquidation, the undertaking of a reckless, large propaganda event leaves market forces no option but to intervene. Much as the British government deemed it necessary to invade Libya, so we must to step in today’


‘Thank Fuck for that’ said a passer by, when the announcement was made, beamed as it was into one of those Dixon’s electrical store window displays via some satellite news channel to Queens street, Cardiff.

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