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Hotel Shampoo Opens New Extension

Great developments are afoot at the flagship branch of Hotel Shampoo in Cardiff Bay, Wales.


A new extension is set to be unveiled on December 19th designed by universally acclaimed architect Zaza Hadid.


The H.S group, Owners of the Hotel Shampoo chain of budget luxury accommodation and Spas are hoping for a ‘Guggenheim Effect’ with a boost in footprint and sales when the contemporary digital  7 song extension opens to the public.


Full track listing of the newly extended hotel is included below.

It will include all the b sides from the Hotel Shampoo related singles as well as the single Whale Trail and all three songs from the Atheist Xmas E.P.

Here’s the whole EP for your ears, order HERE.

Gruff Rhys – Atheist Xmas EP

Thanks to Douglas Hart who commissioned the song At The End Of The Line for his short film; Long Distance Information. Which in turn triggered off the other songs too.


Here’s the mega 20 song tracklisting, order HERE:

Shark Ridden Waters
Honey All Over
Sensations In The Dark
Vitamin K
Take A Sentence
Conservation Conversation
Sophie Softly
Christopher Columbus
Space Dust #2
At The Heart Of Love
Patterns Of Power
If We Were Words (We Would Rhyme)
Rubble Rubble
I Totally Understand
Follow The Sunflower Trail (Theme Tune For a National Strike)
Whale Trail
Post Apocalypse Christmas
At The End Of The Line
Slashed Wrists This Christmas


Dec  02

London, XOYO

Dec 19

Cardiff, Spillers Records. 12pm

Bristol, Rise 3pm

London, Rough Trade east 8pm.

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Atheist Xmas EP furore!

Gruff Rhys will release a 3 track secular Christmas EP on December 19th 2011.


Available on 12” vinyl and download, Atheist Xmas EP includes the songs –

Post Apocalypse Christmas, At The End Of  The Line, and Slashed Wrists This Christmas.

Listen to a stream of Slashed Wrists This Christmas here –

Gruff Rhys – Slashed Wrists This Christmas

Pre – Order here now!
Buy / Prynu

Digital (high quality 320 kbps MP3, Apple Lossless OR FLAC.)
Buy / Prynu


The song At The End Of The Line was written for a short film by Douglas Hart entitled Long Distance Information. Which recently played at the London Film Festival.


This autobiographical film is set on Christmas day and led eventually to the writing of the other two songs as well.

The Turkey

On December 19th, by harnessing the latest teleportation technology Rhys will play a solo set at the following record shops;

Cardiff, Spillers Records. 12pm

Bristol, Rise 3pm

London, Rough Trade east 8pm.

Happy New Year!

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Missing Bag Of Gear

A similar bag – without the equipment in it.


Don’t get excited folks. No major drug haul here.

During the amazing Swn festival in Cardiff recently I lost a yellow, ironically named [Sainsbury’s] ‘Bag For Life’ * full of exotic musical instruments including a Neumark record deck, Indian Shutri box, some one off dub plates, BBC sound effect records and a bunch of custom cables [wow!]! A big muff fuzz pedal [Oh!], guitar tuner AND 2 cans of strong European Lager! [yeah!]

I should have put them in a ‘pro’ case or something … but it was so crazy, crowded and incredible on the street after the Y Niwl free jazz set at Gwdihw bar that the said bag could have got anywhere.


A fine reward of rare vinyl records awaits anyone who’s stumbled upon this bag of unusual musical randomonium.

Contact the ‘Contact’ link below.

Many Thanks,

Gruff Rhys.


* since the successful Welsh Referendum that took place during the hight of the Arab spring earlier this year – the Welsh Government can now pass laws on everything• bar defense and ‘major infrastructure’ [inc nuclear power stations] so it’s been flexing it’s muscles – one of the laws is that free plastic [and paper] carrier bags are outlawed (they’re 5 pence now – roughly 10 US cents or 6 Euro cents) It’s a good progressive eco minded law. Which means that now the larger stronger ‘Bag For Life’ is endemic. [anything between 10 and 50 pence]. Please help bring my bag back to my life.

• In June Wales became the first European country to legalize MDMA, leading to a huge boom in tourism and club culture. Pharmacies have seen a 6.5% increase in turnover. The MDMA cells are grown in strictly controlled systems of poly tunnels in a number of post industrial areas, employing a large number of graduates, physicians and unskilled workers. Wales’ GDP has experienced what’s been tagged as the great MDMA ‘bump’.

It’s been a highly divisive issue however, as it’s become clear that 17% of farmers have already diversified to growing the wonder drug, leading to a shortage of wheat and bread in some northern counties.

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Gruff Rhys will perform a solo set at the Artrocker awards this December. Details below:

2nd Dec 2011 – Gruff Rhys (LIVE) at ARTROCKER AWARDS LIVE! @ XOYO, London

w/ Jim Jones Revue (LIVE), Gary Numan (DJ), Tim Burgess (DJ), Is Tropical (DJ), Tribes (DJ)

XOYO – 32-37 Cowper Street – London – EC2A 4AP

Doors 8pm | Tickets £15

Advance tickets from : –

XOYO (the venue)



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