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Angel Delight!

Recently at the Les Nuits Secrets festival in France they had a load of equipment set up back stage as part of  the Secret Sessions series where upon bands are encouraged to collaborate by writing, performing and recording a song in under 2 hours.
In this video you can see Gruff Rhys and members of Balthazar and Y Niwl performing a new song: Angel Delight. Click here to see more collaborations from the festival.

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Phil Collins/Gruff Rhys/Y Niwl Collaborate, Tokyo.

Post readers in Tokyo can witness an exclusive Gruff Rhys/Y Niwl track at The Museum Of Contemporary Art, Tokyo from September 23rd running till Janurary 9th. As part of a video installation ‘The Meaning Of Style’ by Berlin based film maker and artist Phil Collins.

The exhibition, Berlin 2000-2011 Social Comments, Fluttering Like A Butterfly consists, as you would imagine of numerous Berlin based Artists.

The short film [a still is featured on the poster up there], follows a gang of Anti Fascist Malay skinheads and was previously shown at the Singapore Bianale earlier this year.

The new song ‘Baban Bach’ is featured in it’s entirety.

Fans of Laetitia Sadier should check out Collin’s latest documentary ‘Marxism Today’ which heavily features her amazing and super catchy melodic soundtrack.

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1 year since classic Terror Of Cosmic Loneliness tour.

The Post’s close friend Tony wrote last week to remind us that it’s the 1st anniversary of The Terror Of Cosmic Loneliness tour.

Tony Da Gatorra Vs Gruff Rhys sing The Terror Of Cosmic Loneliness live at Spillers records, Cardiff 2010.

If you missed out on that tour watch the clip up there from a secret instore at the one and only Spillers records, and let us introduce you to some of the incredible hand made items that Tony made for the merchandise stall on the tour.

You can see the incredible mini 2 inch Gatorra souvenir on his blog, there’s a few left, So  I imagine he’d be happy to sell you one, or indeed a real life full size Gatorra too.

Also whilst were on the subject, any LA promoters who could bring Tony to the city of lights, would most definitely be making his dreams come true.

In any case thanks to everyone who enjoyed the TOCL shows last year and big love from all of us at the Post to the legendary Tony Da Gatorra.

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Welsh Onion Crisps

Thank You Fuji Rock!

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